Dynamic Lending Solutions for Businesses of Every Size

Every business has its own distinctive needs, especially when it comes to financing. Some companies require support for commercial real estate financing while others require rapid access to a dynamic source of working capital. Unsecured business lines of credit are a valuable form of financing available through G-Rhema Capital Finance. This option can be especially advantageous to organizations that do not wish to apply for a standard business loan. In many ways, this form of financing offers more freedom to borrowers; it might be the right choice for your organization.

Working Capital When You Need it Most

It can be difficult to predict just when a source of working capital will be required. Unsecured business lines of credit give borrowers the freedom to obtain financing without the need for collateral. This can simplify the lending process considerably.

Lines of credit are based in part on what revenue a company normally expects. For instance:

  • Companies with revenue of $1,000,000 – $10,000,000 can expect a line of credit of $100,000 – $500,000.
  • Startups with no revenue history can receive $25,000 – $100,000 if the owner or a partner has good credit.
  • 0% introductory rates on business credit cards.

See if You Qualify

Qualifying for an unsecured line of business credit takes only a few minutes and requires just a minimal processing charge. Learn more about this program and its application process by contacting G-Rhema Capital Finance today.