Access Greater Lending Power for Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

Selecting a commercial real estate loan is one of the most important decisions a business leader will ever make. Not only is this loan going to make it possible for a company to achieve its full potential, it is going to provide a degree of economic leverage that few companies would possess otherwise. A good decision is going to help launch the next stage of organizational growth; a poor decision has the potential to hold a company back from advancing within its respective industry. G-Rhema Capital Finance associates are here to help business leaders make the lending choices that are best suited to the organization they represent. Stated income commercial real estate loans are dynamic lending opportunities that have helped many organizations grow and evolve.

A Valuable Lending Alternative

These loans are especially suited to the purchase or refinancing of a property. Borrowers with credit histories reflecting setbacks are not always able to qualify for competitive lending terms; because a stated income commercial real estate loan is typically more concerned with the features of the property, this can be a good option for borrowers with a poor credit history.

This soft money loan has many important features distinguishing it from other forms of commercial real estate lending. For instance:

  • Almost all types of commercial properties can receive financing
  • Terms include fixed rates
  • We strive for rapid closing times
  • Loan amounts of up to $500,000
  • Fully amortizing (up to 25 years)

Offices, restaurants, apartment buildings, retail spaces, warehouse properties, and other forms of commercial real estate can all qualify for financing through this program. Because the income value of the property is considered, companies can access real estate of higher value than they may be able to through other lending opportunities.

Speak With a Financing Expert

A stated income loan may be the right solution for your next real estate acquisition or refinancing. To learn more about this program, please contact G-Rhema Capital Finance today.