Helping Brokers Serve the Clients They Represent

Financial brokers work very hard to serve their clients; this work helps maximize the value of every lending opportunity a client takes advantage of. By pairing the right lending program with each client, brokers help companies grow. Here at G-Rhema Capital Finance, we value the hard work done by referrals and brokers. We have developed a special referral and broker program that helps you do more for the clients you represent while allowing us to connect with the business owners that would most benefit from the many commercial finance services we offer.

Keeping You in the Deal

Some other referral programs lock brokers out of the deal while the institution deals directly with the original client. We do things differently. Your client remains yours whether or not they qualify for any of our lending programs. Your clients will continue to work with a broker they know and trust. Whether we choose to fund a client or not, they are referred back to you. This helps you grow your professional network.

Program Details

Our referral and broker program has many valuable features, such as:

  • Receiving a generous percentage of the commission in thanks for doing so much of the footwork
  • Accessing a greater variety of commercial lending opportunities than many conventional institutions have available
  • Giving you the freedom to work from anywhere with the help of our financing and identity tools
  • Rapid turnaround for deals you bring us and prompt responses to concerns and inquiries

We are dedicated to providing funding support to the clients you represent and will work hard to find a solution that suits their individual needs. Our company is growing rapidly and we would like to invite you to become part of our national network. This is a great opportunity for motivated brokers to accelerate their career and become part of a network that values the work they do.

Contact Us Today

Contact G-Rhema’s referral and broker representative to learn more about this important program. We would like to speak with you about becoming a part of our extended financial family.