Access More Financial Power Through Our Merchant Cash Advance Program

Businesses in periods of rapid growth often have financial demands above and beyond normal operating costs. Accommodating these demands can be hard on any organization, no matter how financial solvent it might be. G-Rhema Capital Finance can offer valuable assistance in the form of our merchant cash advance program. This program gives businesses a pool of working capital to fund any budgetary item.

Giving You More Options

Perhaps the greatest strength of the merchant cash advance program is its flexibility. The money you receive can be put to any purpose. Use this new source of working capital to fund expansions, renovations, new inventory acquisition, seasonal hires, advertising, and much more. This is the perfect way to address multiple concerns at one time. No matter what financial needs have to be addressed, this program can assist.

A Powerful Lending Opportunity

There are many beneficial features that distinguish our cash advance program, such as:

  • No loss of equity
  • No closing costs
  • No application-related expenses
  • No fixed payments throughout the length of the loan
  • Convenient payback terms

These are just some of the advantages that make getting a cash advance an important alternative to a traditional business loan.

Discover Your Options

To learn if a cash advance is right for your organization, contact the experts at G-Rhema Capital Finance today.