Flexible Franchise Financing

Our franchise financing plan is an excellent choice for small entrepreneurs trying to build their operations. We want you to be successful, which is why G-Rhema Capital Finance offers a special program just for franchisees.

Program Parameters

This program is specially designed to be advantageous for franchise owners, with LTVs of up to 90% and rates as low as 6%. We have no penalties for pre-payment and are willing to work closely with first-time owners. Additionally, our terms go out to 25 years, since we’re invested in the long-term health of your franchise.

Quick Approval

We don’t want to waste your time, which is why we offer a fast pre-qualification process to determine whether you’re a good fit for this program. We also expedite the closing and commitments process to ensure that you have the cash you need, when you need it.

Potential Applications

The funding from this program can be applied to many different uses. You can purchase new equipment or real estate, and even acquire other locations. You can remodel existing buildings or pay for new construction. You can even use the extra money for working capital and improve cash flow. We also offer refinancing so that you can restructure any existing debt.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to get started, contact our team today. They will be happy to answer your questions or forward you an application.