Equipment Financing, Leasing, and More

Our equipment financing and equipment leasing programs here at G-Rhema Capital Finance are an excellent way to help your business obtain what it needs to function. Whether you need medical, printing, food preparation, communications, manufacturing, or cleaning equipment, or something else entirely, we can help you obtain it.

Why Lease?

Equipment leasing has a number of advantages for growing businesses. For one, the monthly payments are generally lower than they would be for other types of financing; for another, leasing helps you avoid tying up capital. Additionally, leasing does not usually require a large amount of money up front, and it has no impact on your current lines of credit. Lease payments are fixed, protecting you from rising insurance rates, and offer a significant advantage from an accounting perspective. Finally, leasing equipment helps you avoid obsolescence, since you can afford to update every few years.

Our Options

Leases from G-Rhema Capital Finance can range from a few thousand up to half a million dollars. We offer a variety of different payment structures and generally approve your financing in under a week (or less for smaller amounts). Our excellent rates are available to companies that have been operating for two or more years.

Special Needs

We also offer a specialty program for start-ups, who may need to lease equipment as they launch their operations. Additionally, we have “second chance” financing options for B, C, and D credits, designed for businesses that have struggled within the last few years. Our lease program can help you rebuild your company.

Another special program we offer is designed for government bodies, including federal agencies, local services, state agencies, and even armed services. We have a great deal of experience in the public service sector.

Sale and Lease Back

If you’re looking for a less traditional financing structure, we also offer a sale and lease back program, where we buy your equipment and then lease it back to you. Once all the payments have been made, ownership reverts to your company. To learn more about any of our programs, contact our team today.